Save a Hardware Trip

People often ask us for recommendations on products we have experience with but don’t sell. We’re happy to offer this growing list of products that you can purchase through our affiliate relationship with Amazon. 


DripClean Fertilizer 5L

Keeps your irrigation system clean and running smoothly.

Trellis Netting

A great compliment to our single or double trellis raised bed kits.

Rain Barrel Equipment

Summit Mosquito Dunks

Keep Mosquitos out of your rain barrel

Mesh Cover for Rain Barrels

This is the best product we’ve found to keep debris out of your rain barrel.

55 Gallon Drum

Great for storing rain water – and affordable!

58 Gallon Rain Barrel

Upcycled, food grade and high quality

160 Gallon Capacity Emergency Water Storage Tanks

BPA Free, Portable and stackable, Food Grade Plastic

Brass Rain Barrel Spigot

Universal design for any barrels or containers

Rainwater Collection System for Downspouts

Directs rainwater from downspouts into collection barrels.  Fits standard 2″ x 3″ residential downspouts.


Compost Bin for Kitchen

Great for kitchen scraps. 

Large Kitchen Compost Bin

This comes a years worth of charcoal filters.

Vital Nutrients

Our favorite preventative medicine

Camu Powder

One of the best source of organic vitamin C

Dr. Bronner’s

Our favorite liquid soap

Shitake Mushroom Chips

A great tasting and still very healthy snack

Organic Goji Berries

A great tasting snack that’s also really good for your health