Aerate your backyard pond, fish tank, or any other body of water easily with our BluAir Aeration system. The BluAir system evenly disperses bubbles through a hose with a semi-permeable membrane. Our lily pond (pictured left) demonstrates prolific plant growth and houses happy and healthy fish because of BluAir Aeration.

Aeration is a crucial component of overall pond health. For starters, adding oxygen to the water allows for beneficial aerobic bacteria (those that use oxygen) to thrive and help eliminate muck or pond scum. Increasing oxygen levels in the water also contributes to fish abundance—oxygen-rich water allows your pond to sustain more fish. Thermocline, where warm water accumulates near the surface and colder water lies near the bottom, can also be avoided by aerating your pond or fish tank. Constant churning causes by the bubbles eliminates this separation by gradually circulating the water over time. Again, this persistent turnover greatly benefits aerobic bacteria that eliminate decomposing material and excrete a harmless and odorless gas in the process (just like how you breath in oxygen and release carbon-dioxide). When water is stagnant and anaerobic bacteria (those that live without oxygen) dominate, pond scum becomes abundant and fish begin to die as less and less oxygen becomes available in the water.

This system is extremely easy to install. Simply attach the air pump to BluAir hose, place it into your pond, and watch as air is instantly circulated throughout! It can be set up in about five minutes with very little hassle.