Blusoak drip tape can be placed almost anywhere.  It can be used underground as means for subsurface irrigation, it can be placed between soil and mulch, it can be placed on top of both soil and mulch, and even placed in side ponds/reservoirs as an aerator.

When used with a Blumat Watering System, cultivators frequently ask where the best place to put the tape is.

Tape Placement Options


Tape can be placed underground to deliver water to crops, turf, or grasses from below.  This method is very protective of the BluSoak drip tape, with some cultivators using the exact same tape lengths for over 25 years.

The disadvantage of this method is that soil on the surface can become dry.  It also makes tape maintenance difficult.  If there is a tear or hole in the tape, it can be extremely problematic to replace and/or repair the tape!

Soil Surface

Tape placed on soil surface is generally considered best practice for high-value crops like cannabis.  This ensures the soil on the surface is moist as well as all the soil below it.

It is strongly recommended to cover the tape with a mulch layer such as straw or wood chips (aspens are a good source).  This insulates the tape from UV and other weathering exposure/damage, as well as keeping soil surface moist and encouraging beneficial biology to colonize the total soil volume.

Key Takeaways

  • In most cases, it’s best to place tape on the soil surface under a mulch layer
  • Tape can work extremely well with extended longevity underground, but is difficult to repair/replace
  • Mulch protects tape from damage, and enhances its function in the soil or grow media