Blumat watering systems are currently the highest-quality drip irrigation systems available.  However, drip irrigation is a conventional technology widely used in commercial agriculture.  Blumat watering systems take the concept of drip irrigation to the extreme, providing a slow delivery of moisture that maximizes biomass production as well as convenience for the cultivator.

What separates Blumat systems from traditional drip systems?

1) Optimal Growth

Blumat systems keep moisture levels steady, and are calibrated to maintain moisture levels in growing media for ideal, optimal growth speeds.  When plants are over or under-watered, they dedicate resources to combat the less-than-favorable growth conditions.  Not only do the plants slow down their growth and metabolism in these circumstances, but can even stop growing or become “stunted” when moisture conditions are far from optimal.

By keeping moisture levels exactly where your plants do best, you’ll achieve fast, constant, and healthy levels of growth and biomass production in your garden or field.  No time is wasted with Blumat systems, and every moment is a chance for your plants to grow!

Traditional drip irrigation systems operate on timers, and frequently over/under-water gardens.  This allows for precious minutes, hours, and even days of your growing season to go to waste while your plants merely maintain health instead of thriving.

2) Minimal Waste

Because Blumat systems never over or under-water plants, there isn’t water waste or run-off.  If a cultivator is also using nutrients, that means there are no lost nutrients either!  All the materials mixed into water/nutrient solution are ultimately delivered to plant roots in a Blumat system, instead of being lost to the environment.

Traditional drip systems can over-water plants, gardens, and whole areas.  Not only is this water lost to run-off, but is lost to evaporation from high temperatures as well as lost to the ambient air.  In indoor and greenhouse environments, this can even cause high humidity, forcing the cultivator to introduce heavy-duty dehumidifiers.  These appliances in turn raise temperatures as well as demand for power.  This creates a need for increased cooling and air conditioning, as well as increasing power bills and dependency on centralized infrastruture.

By minimizing water lost to the environment, Blumat systems minimize the need for dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and reliance on “the grid.”  They can reduce water and nutrient use too!

3) Plant-Focused

Traditional drip systems are greatly convenient for people, but are really not convenient for plants.  By delivering predetermined volumes of water at predetermined times, traditional drip systems pay no heed to the vapor pressure deficit (VPD).

This is great for the grower, because they can set the system and forget it.  But what about the plants?

Blumat systems deliver water only as plants metabolize it.  In a way, Blumat systems are “focused” on making your plants happy, with little regard for what the gardener thinks the plants need.  There is the old adage that “the customer is always right.”  With Blumat systems, the plant is always right!  The plant takes up water when it needs it, which changes due to environmental circumstances.  Traditional drip irrigation is not flexible in this way, and will deliver the same water on the same schedule, regardless of changing circumstances.

The choice should be obvious–which one of these systems do you think the plant(s) will perform better under?

4) Requires No Power (Off-Grid Compatible!)

Traditional drip irrigation systems require pumps and/or timers at minimum.  This increases dependency on centralized infrastructure, and makes it more difficult for an off-grid farmer, gardener, or cultivator.

Blumat systems can be operated on a gravity feed, and are entirely self-regulating.  They can be operated without timers, without batteries, or any power sources at all–not even solar panels are required!

The beauty of Blumat systems is in their simplicity, harmony with environment, and ease of use.  They are the only fully automated, self-regulating watering system in the world that does not require any power!

5) Cutting-Edge Technology

Blumat technology is the current epitome of drip irrigation systems.  Other drip systems might have bells & whistles, fancy filters or other components, but they still cannot self-regulate and detect the exact moment plants need water the same way that Blumat systems can.

Don’t get left in the dust.  Drip irrigation systems are like flip phones–when everyone else is using Blumat systems with ease, success, and high production, anyone with traditional drip systems will be left looking silly and behind the times.

Make the switch to a Blumat system today, and watch your plants immediately thank you for it!