While Blumat Systems are not complicated, the mixing of terminology can make things more confused than they need to be!  Here’s a list of interchangeable terms that we use at Sustainable Village & Blumat Watering Systems.

3mm Tubing

This is the 3mm tubing that runs through the top of every Blumat sensor.  It is also the tubing used to integrate distribution drippers to Blumat systems.  It is the small, greyish tubing (some folks think it looks brown).

Other Names: 3mm tubing, 3 mil, spaghetti tubing

8mm Tubing

This is the standard “water supply” tubing used with blumat systems.  We do have some different varieties:  hard, inflexible white and black 8mm tubing, as well as soft, super-flexible silicone 8mm tubing.

This is the tubing we use to integrate the “Tees” included with each blumat.  These are 8mm x 8mm x 3mm tees, with 3mm tubing running from the tee, through the valve of each Blumat sensor.  The 8mm tubing generally runs from a reservoir to each  Blumat.

Other Names: Super-Flex, flex tubing, 8 mil, Blumat tubing, water-supply tubing


These are the central focus of Blumat watering systems.  While there are varying kinds of blumat sensors for varying applications, we generally and fondly refer to these items as “Blumats.”  The correct technical term is a “Blumat ______”, where the blank can be “classic,” “bottle adapter,” “glass globe,” or “sensor” (tropf sensor is pictured).  These all refer to the varying kinds of Blumat carrots.  This can certainly confuse things!

To clarify, we have a guides to the Classic, Bottle Adapter, Glass Globe, and Tropf Blumat carrots. [need links]

Other Names: Carrot, Blumat Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Watering Spike, Watering Cone, Blumat Classic JR, Blumat Classic XL, Tropf Blumat, Tropf, Blumat Bottle Adapter, and more


BluSoak drip tape is a high-durability material we use to extend the watering abilities of Tropf Blumat sensors.  Blumat/BluSoak systems use Blumat sensors like a flow regulator, while the BluSoak drip tape evenly and steadily distributes whatever flow is determined by the Blumat carrot.  This is the tape used in all of our BluSoak systems, as it is the only drip tape we could source which does not require a high or excessive pressure requirement to emit.

Other Names: Tape, Drip Tape, Soaker Hose, Distribution Tape, Soaker Tape, Drip Hose

Digital Moisture Meter

The digital moisture meter comes recommended with all Blumat watering systems, as it greatly assists in reducing the learning curve as well as dialing in the system.  The meter displays moisture content in terms of pressure differences in the soil.  You can read more about the meter in our Guide.

Other Names: Tensiometer, Digital Meter, Digital Sensor, Blumat Meter

Distribution Drippers

These distribution drippers are used similarly to the BluSoak drip tape.  You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options here.

The distribution drippers assist in evenly distributing moisture around a given area, and extend the irrigating ability of each Blumat sensor.  A blumat on its own can irrigate only a small container, but can irrigate up to 4 square feet (we have customers who have irrigated 30 separate containers using a single blumat with drippers) with distribution drippers attached.

Other Names:  Drippers, Drip Emitters, Blumat Drippers