We typically refer to Blumat products around the Sustainable Village Office as “Blumats.”  However, there are a variety of Blumat watering stakes, each designed for a different purpose.  Depending on application, any given water stake may or may not be the right tool for the job.  This is intended to offer insight into the different Blumat carrots, and which are appropriate for which application.

Blumat Comparison Chart

1) Blumat Classic (Available in Jr. or XL) –

Blumat Classic carrots are available in two sizes–Jr. and XL.  These carrots function as a siphon.  The ceramic bits are filled with water, while an attaching tube is placed in a reservoir.  As the water in the ceramic is slowly drawn into the soil, the suction pulls water from the reservoir.  This creates a continuous and gradual flow of water into the soil or growing media.

Blumat Classics are ideally suited for keeping houseplants alive and thriving when you go on vacation.  They are not intended to be used as an irrigation system for high value or high-margin crops. and are not greatly adjustable.  The emission rates can be adjusted by raising or lowering the height of the reservoir, relative to the soil surface.  The reservoir can be placed as far as 12″ below the soil surface, and the siphon should still function.  This configuration offers the lowest flow rate possible–as the reservoir is raised, the flow rate increases.

Classics jrs can emit a maximum of 150ml in 24 hours, and XLs can emit up to 200ml in 24 hours.

2) Blumat Bottle Adapter (Available in small or large, optional Glass Globe)

Blumat Bottle Adapters come in small and large sizes.  Just like the classics, the only difference is in their emission rates.  The Bottle Adapters are also ideally suited for houseplants.  While they can be used for vacations, they’re often used as constant plant companions.  They keep plants watered, and can do so without any irrigation tubing or reservoirs around.  This makes them ideal to keep in place whether you’re around the home or not, and allow for some plant negligence.  Not that the reader would ever be negligent to their plants…

A wine bottle or water bottle can be used as a “reservoir,” sitting on top of and feeding into the blumat carrot directly.  These were criticized for being unsightly, and so Sustainable Village offers a Glass Globe that works with the adapters as well.  The globe is aesthetically-pleasing as well as practical!

3) Tropf Blumat (5″, 9″, Bonsai, and Surface Models)

Tropf Blumat sensors are available in short 5″ models, longer 9″ “Maxis,” Bonsai inserts, and flat Surface Models.  For more in-depth details and discussion of these products, check out the Guide to Tropf blumat sensors.

These are totally adjustable Blumat carrots.  They function differently than the classics and bottle adapters, in that they do not emit water through the ceramic bottoms.  The Tropf models use the water inside the ceramic to regulate a valve, and never use this water to irrigate.  The valve can be adjusted to keep moisture levels steady in a growing media.

These are ideally suited for high-value, high-margin, and/or high maintenance crops.  They are high-performance components of Blumat Watering Systems, and are for more serious gardeners who can commit to getting their system properly configured and adjusted.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a variety of “Blumats,” each for a different purpose
  • Blumat Classics and Bottle Adapters are ideally suited for houseplants
  • Tropf Blumat Sensors are ideally suited for gardeners/cultivators who give their plants a lot of attention, as well as commercial-scale facilities
  • “Blumat Watering Systems” refer to customized irrigation systems centered around Tropf Blumat Sensors
  • There is a Blumat that is ideally suited for your gardening/irrigating application–if you still need help, call Sustainable Village at 303.998.1323 with any questions or concerns!