Blumat Bottle Adapters and Glass Globes are some of the most user-friendly and convenient products carried by Sustainable Village.

What is it?

The Blumat Bottle Adapter is an automatic plant watering device that requires no power, electricity, batteries, timers, or any other accessories.  It is a stand alone, fully automated plant waterer!  The blumat bottle adapter is non-adjustable, and delivers a constant, steady supply of water over time.

The Blumat Bottle Adapter consists of several components.


  1. Blumat Ceramic Cone

    The ceramic cone is a porous material that allows for water to slowly emit into your soil or growing media.  Sustainable Village offers two sizes.  The regular size delivers 200ml, or 0.43 pints in a 24-hour period.  The large size delivers 300ml, or 0.63 pints in a 24-hour period.
  2. Cone x Globe/Bottle Adapter

    This rubber adapter attaches to the ceramic cone on one end, and the other side adapts to either a plastic bottle, wine bottle, or glass globe.  The globe or bottle sits above the cone and feeds into the cone through this adapter.
  3. Glass Globe (Optional) Or Plastic Bottle

    The glass globe is an aesthetically-superior option to plastic or wine bottles, but either can be used with the bottle adapter.  Sustainable Village offers the globe after receiving many complaints about the unsightliness of plastic bottles in otherwise beautiful home gardens.

Assembly & Operation

  1. Fill a water bottle with water.
  2. Integrate Cone/Adapter components with Blumat.
  3. Orient Cone downward.  Puncture water bottle to allow for pressure equalization.
  4. Insert assembled bottle adapter into soil, and watch your plant thrive!


The Blumat Bottle Adapter and Glass Globes are great products to keep houseplants happy.  They are really idiot-proof  (please don’t prove me wrong!) watering devices that will keep plants happier than hand-watering, and require basically non-existent maintenance.  All the gardener needs to do is make sure the globe or water bottle is full, and her plant will stay happy.