Blumat Classics are the original Blumat product!  Blumat Classics function simply, using a siphon to pull water from a reservoir into a container, emitting it through the porous ceramic cone.

There are two models.  The Blumat Classic, and XL.  They are the same, aside from their flow rates and physical size.

The Blumat Classic Jr. model emits anywhere from 50-150ml per 24 hours, while the XL emits anywhere from 75-200ml in 24 hours (depending on reservoir height-see below).

How to Install & Adjust


  1. Disconnect the bottom ceramic cones from the green tops, and place both pieces in a bucket of water for at least 15 minutes.  Submerge the ceramic cones.
  2. Remove the cone from the water, while keeping it as full as possible.  Secure the green cap on top.
  3. Insert the ceramic cone into soil or growing media near your houseplant roots.
  4. Place the anchor on the far end of the 3mm tubing into a reservoir.


  1. If the Blumat is over-watering your plant, you can place the reservoir lower (relative to the Blumat).  The reservoir can be as far as 12″ below the Blumat while still watering your plant, albeit slowly.
  2. If the Blumat is under-watering your plant, you can raise the reservoir relative to the Blumat.  The higher the reservoir, the faster the flow rate.


  • Keep the reservoir topped up.  If the Blumat loses water supply, you may need to repeat the installation instructions.
  • If the ceramic portion of the Blumat becomes dirty, you can clean it using a fine sandpaper.
  • Keep in a dark, dry area when not in use.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

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