Sustainable Village has pre-designed Blumat & BluSoak kit configurations for almost every growing container you could imagine!  If you’re wondering, “what parts do I need for a X-Gallon container?”, SV designers have already done the hard work, and have recommendations for every container you could imagine.

When container volume is under 20-30 gallons, Blumat & Dripper systems are recommended (link to Blumat & Dripper Guide).  To read about advantages and disadvantages of BluSoak Drip Tape vs. Distribution Drippers, check out this article.

For containers over 20-30 gallons in volume, BluSoak systems are generally more economical as well as higher performing.

The concepts for containers are the same, whether they’re 30 gallons in volume, or raised beds containing thousands of gallons of growing media, and feature the same parts–the only difference is the length and arrangement of BluSoak drip tape.

The Design Concepts

The essence of each design is the same–a Tropf Blumat sensor is integrated with pressurized (via pump, municipal pressure, or gravity) water supply tubing, and acts as a flow rate regulator.  The sensor in turn feeds into the BluSoak drip tape, evenly distributing moisture throughout the container.

At Sustainable Village, distribution drippers are always placed between the Blumat sensor and the tape length–however, some cultivators at home prefer not to use a dripper.

The tape can be arranged in straight lines, S curves, coils, or any other shape one can imagine.

Depending on budget and the desired level of performance of the irrigation system, Sustainable Village offers three different styles or tiers of design:


The economy design features a single tropf Blumat sensor, which feeds into a length of drip tape.  The tape can be cut up to 20′ long, as long as the length is on level ground, or a slope with less than 1% grade.

The tape length is concluded with a flush plug, or alternatively a flush valve.

The exact flow of parts (from the water supply tubing) goes as follows:

  1. Blumat Sensor (via 3mm tubing)
  2. Distribution Dripper (Optional)
  3. 3mm x BluSoak Drip Tape Adapter
  4. BluSoak Drip Tape
  5. BluSoak End Plug


The mid-range design features two tropf Blumat sensors, which each feed into a length of drip tape.  Each Blumat sensor feeds into opposing sides of the tape.  One end of the tape length has a 5″ Blumat sensor, while the other end is supplied by a 9″ Blumat sensor.

In these configurations, the tape can be cut up to 40′.

The exact flow of parts (from the water supply tubing) goes as follows:

  1. Blumat Sensor (via 3mm tubing)
  2. Distribution Dripper (Optional)
  3. 3mm Tubing
  4. 3mm x BluSoak Drip Tape Adapter
  5. BluSoak Drip Tape
  6. 3mm x BluSoak Drip Tape Adapter
  7. 3mm Tubing
  8. Distribution Dripper (Optional)
  9. Blumat Sensor (via 3mm tubing)
  10. Return to water supply tubing (usually with the 8 x 8 x 3mm tee included with each Blumat)

Deluxe (Double-Manifold)

The Double-Manifold configuration is the “deluxe” configuration for a raised or garden bed.

The largest possible double-manifold design that can be served using only two Blumat sensors (as shown above) is 6′ x 20′.  These designs feature 6 lengths of tape.

Consequently, the maximum square footage that can reasonably be irrigated using two Blumat sensors is 120 square feet.


Mid-Range Kit Assembly Video


Additional Parts (For Water Supply/Kit Integration)

Assembly Instructions

  1. Ensure Blumat sensors have been properly soaked and voided of air.
  2. Configure water supply tubing (if you’re not sure how, use one of the links below in “Related Resources” labeled “How to Design a…”)
  3. Integrate Blumat sensor to water supply tubing, and calibrate to a hanging drip (do not tighten additional two triangles when using  BluSoak systems).
  4. Connect an in-line distribution dripper to the 3mm tubing output of the Blumat sensor.
  5. Use a few more inches of 3mm tubing to go from the dripper into a 3mm x BluSoak Tape adapter.
  6. Secure the 3mm x BluSoak Tape adapter onto a pre-cut piece of BluSoak tape.  About 1 foot of tape length is recommended for every square foot of soil surface area.
  7. If using an economy design, secure a flush plug on the opposing end of the tape.  If using the mid-range design, secure all the same fittings in reverse order.  A 5″ sensor is recommended on one side while a 9″ sensor is recommended on the other.
  8. Use hold-down stakes to secure the tape in place.
  9. Make adjustments to the Blumat sensors as needed if the soil and other media are not at desired levels of moisture.

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