Quick-connect fittings are generally considered a luxury or convenience accessory for Blumat and EasySoak Watering Systems.

These fittings can be used to quickly connect/disconnect individual plants, rows of plants, water supply tubing, tables, raised beds & garden beds, benches, reservoirs, specific water lines, or entire systems.

These fittings come in a variety of options and sizes for as many purposes.

Quick Connect w/ Valve vs. Auto-Stop

Sustainable Village carries two main types (with a variety of other, less-recommended options) of Quick-Connect fittings.  These consist of the quick-connect fittings using a valve, as well as those fittings with automatic starts/stops.

With Valve

These fittings are available in 3mm and 8mm.  They can be placed in-line with the tubing, and a valve is turned to stop water flow.  The end-fitting can then be disconnected along with a length of tubing, ensuing plant/branch/etc.

  • 3mm Version (link these)
  • 8mm Version

With Auto Stop/Start

These quick-connect fittings are also available in 3mm, 8, and even integrated into larger diameters such as 1/2″.

These are medical-grade components originally used in IV systems in hospitals (thus the high price).  These fittings can be connected/disconnected with a quick quarter-twist.  When the fittings are connected, flow automatically starts/continues.  When the fittings are disconnected, flow automatically stops.

These fittings eliminate any spills or water on the floor, and minimize wear and tear on tubing.  With other fittings, tubing will break down over time as it is repeatedly slid over a barb and removed.  These fittings avoid that pitfall, since tubing stays on the same fittings all the time.

  • 3mm Version (link these)
  • 8mm Version
  • 1/2″ Version

Fitting Placement

The placement of quick-connect fittings is paramount.

3mm Fitting

In almost all cases, 3mm quick-connect fittings are used to connect or disconnect individual plants from larger systems.  These fittings are ideal for systems with containers that are frequently moved around or otherwise need to be disconnected.  These fittings are generally placed as close to the water supply tubing OR Blumat sensor as possible.


8mm Fitting

These fittings are used to disconnect rows of plants and/or containers that are integrated using 8mm supply tubing.  These are generally used at the start of a row of plants, or when dropping down from the ceiling to supply Blumat Systems with water.


1/2″ x 8mm w/ Valve

These are often used to drop down from PVC ceiling manifolds of water supply tubing.  They adapt from 1/2″ (or from 3/4″ using this fitting) down into 8mm tubing, and feature a valve.  These are recommended to avoid water supply tubing on the floor, and to be able to move beds/tables/trays etc from side to side.

[ceiling dropdown image]

Key Takeaways

  • Quick-Connect fittings are avialable in a variety of sizes and options from Sustainable Village
  • QC fittings are not necessary to run systems, but can dramatically reduce labor, maintenance, and increase ease of integrating a Blumat System with typical work flows or plant-maintenance schedules
  • QC fittings are typically used to quickly connect individual plants or containers
  • QC fittings can also be used to quickly disconnect reservoirs, rows of plants, tables, benches, rolling trays, etc.

Quick-Connect Options

w/ Valve

w/ Auto-Stop