So, you’re interested in using Blusoak and you want to make sure that your plants will receive the right amount of water.  There are two main variables that change the flow rate of your Blusoak, and you can manipulate these variables to achieve the flow rate that you desire.

Variable 1:  Length of Blusoak

Variable 2: Pressure –  Blusoak can function between pressure levels of 2psi-8psi, with optimal pressure being 4psi

*Blusoak can split at the seam with pressure levels of 10 psi and above

Variable 1, Length of Blusoak:  In looking at the graph above you will see that as the length of Blusoak increases, the flow rate per foot decreases.  Here’s another way to think about this:  The total output of water is equal for all lengths of Blusoak.

For example, if you refer to the graph, at 2 psi all lengths of Blusoak will output 100 pints of water per day

  • 50 feet of Blusoak x 2 pints = 100 pints
  • 100 feet of Blusoak x 1 pint = 100 pints
  • 200 feet of Blusoak x .5 pint = 100 pints


Variable 2, Pressure:  The flow rate increases linearly as pressure increases.  Increase the flow rate by the same multiple that you increase the pressure.  For example, if you increase the pressure by a multiple of 1.5, you will do the same for flow rate.  When you double the pressure you can expect to double the flow rate.

Looking at the 100 foot length of Blusoak on the graph, you can see that:

  • 2psi = 1 pint per foot per day
  • 1.5 x 2psi = 1.5 x 1 pint per foot per day, OR 3psi=1.5 pints per foot per day
  • 4psi = 2 pints per foot per day
  • 8ps = 4 pints per foot per day