1. Put a pipette or eye dropper underwater and into one of the holes on the inside top of the Blumat cap and squeeze out air bubbles.

2. Make sure top not too tight when soaking in water

3. Sometimes the brown tubing can have a “dent” from sitting too long or from the top being tightened down too much. Pull the tubing a little and check for this, massage back in shape if dented

4. Pre-moisten a container of potting mix without perlite and with extra peat moss and/or cocoa. Put this in the hole before “planting” the Blumat.

5. After putting a plant in a new pot, watering the container and installing the Blumat, wait several hours before turning the Blumat on and adjusting to the hanging drop + 1.5–2 arrows down.

7. The above rule of thumb is for soil mixes though. If you’re using pure cocoa or something similar, don’t turn down as much, maybe even try not turning down at all after the hanging drop.

6. In an established pot, use a moisture meter while slowly wetting the plant to the best setting. Then do #5 above.